17,000 Users. Thank you.

In February, Branch decided to pivot our focus towards state and local elections. All we knew at the time was that local elections were hugely impactful and that Americans don’t have an easy way to be informed about non-presidential races. With this in mind, we began researching how to make local elections engaging, convenient, and accessible for all. Looking at our website now, it is difficult to believe that our first coverage consisted of six local elections posted on SoundCloud. But since then, guided by constant support and feedback from the community, our team has created the version of Branch that Atlanta used leading up to the June 9th primaries.

The response to our work has been exhilarating and overwhelmingly positive. Over the short period of 5 weeks since our launch, we have had 17,000 users visit our site. Over 11,500 people found their federal, state, and local ballots through Branch. We could not be happier with the results, and we take this as a major vote of confidence that Atlanta cares about voting local.

More than anything, we would like to thank the Branch team, which comprises many who volunteered their time and energy while juggling other full-time responsibilities. We also thank our friends, family, and the Atlanta community for supporting us and actively using Branch, sharing it with their friends and providing us with much-needed feedback in the months leading up to the election.

Although it feels odd to celebrate anything during these times, we hope this gives you hope — hope that people are coming together and taking action, hope that Atlanta will be a stronger city. So long as there are problems, voting local will always be an important way to address them. Our hope is that Branch will always be here to make information about these offices as convenient and digestible as possible.



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Branch Politics

Branch Politics


It takes more than the president to change the country. Branch is nonpartisan website that walks you through everything else on your ballot.