A look at Atlanta mayoral candidate Antonio Brown

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2 min readOct 23, 2021

This year, there will be 14 candidates on the ballot for Atlanta mayor. In this article, we’ll introduce you to one of the 14 candidates: Antonio Brown.

Who is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown is currently an Atlanta city council member representing the city’s District 3. He joined the city council in 2019 after a special election and was the first LGBTQ person of color elected to Atlanta city council.

He owns and operates an education charity called Dream of Humanity and a luxury shoe company called LVL XIII. In 2018, he also created the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program, which provides training and support to underserved college students.

Growing up, Antonio lived in poverty with his parents in and out of prison. At the age of 15, he dropped out of high school to bag groceries so he could financially support his siblings.

What are some of Antonio’s top priorities if elected?

Community Development: When it comes to the Buckhead cityhood movement, Antonio does not support Buckhead leaving Atlanta, but he said, “I believe we should be working with Buckhead. We should be bridging the gap in communication.” He also believes that mass gentrification, generational poverty and a lack of affordable housing harm the city by causing unemployment, crime and homelessness. To address these issues, Antonio wants to use municipal enterprises to provide low-cost, high quality goods and services and create sustainable jobs without investing in other social programs.

Public Safety: Antonio wants to expand the number of non-emergency responders responsible for all community service and non-emergency functions. He also has plans to establish a restorative justice program and equity program to create housing, jobs and financial opportunities for residents impacted by generational poverty or the judicial system. As a city council member, Antonio voted to withhold $73 million from the Atlanta Police Department to require police reform but has since said he does not support defunding the police.

Where can I learn more about Antonio and the Atlanta mayoral race?

To find out more about Antonio’s positions on other issues, you can visit his full profile at www.branch.vote.

You can also use Branch to view information on other candidates running for Atlanta Mayor by clicking here.

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