A look at Atlanta mayoral candidate Antonio Brown

Who is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown is currently an Atlanta city council member representing the city’s District 3. He joined the city council in 2019 after a special election and was the first LGBTQ person of color elected to Atlanta city council.

What are some of Antonio’s top priorities if elected?

Community Development: When it comes to the Buckhead cityhood movement, Antonio does not support Buckhead leaving Atlanta, but he said, “I believe we should be working with Buckhead. We should be bridging the gap in communication.” He also believes that mass gentrification, generational poverty and a lack of affordable housing harm the city by causing unemployment, crime and homelessness. To address these issues, Antonio wants to use municipal enterprises to provide low-cost, high quality goods and services and create sustainable jobs without investing in other social programs.

Where can I learn more about Antonio and the Atlanta mayoral race?

To find out more about Antonio’s positions on other issues, you can visit his full profile at www.branch.vote.



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