A look at Atlanta mayoral candidate Andre Dickens

Who is Andre Dickens?

Andre Dickens is currently an Atlanta city council member, representing the city at-large in the Post 3 seat. He is currently chairman of the Transportation committee, which deals with city streets, bridges, sidewalks, paths and the airport. In 2017, he was the chair of the Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee.

What are some of Andre’s top priorities if elected?

Community Development: Andre wants to address Buckhead’s attempts to leave the city through policing, saying “what we are hearing from Buckhead is that Buckhead wants to feel safe.” He plans to improve Atlanta’s transit further after leading the creation of the city’s Department of Transportation to oversee transportation-related activities, planning and management. As a city council member, he created the John Lewis Memorial Task Force, which added John Lewis’ name to the Freedom Parkway and installed the “Good Trouble” mural at the airport.

How can I learn more?

To find out more about Andre’s positions on other issues, you can visit his full profile at www.branch.vote.



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